Howard "Doc" Chonrad


Howard “Doc” Chonrad was raised in an orphanage and, having shown some strength and chutzpah at a young age, was recruited into the Imperial army at a young age. He traveled around Sustrana during his time as a soldier and eventually rose to the rank of Captain.

At the end of a battle against a particularly nasty army of Orcish rebels, Chonrad found himself alone and lost, surrounded by the corpses of his compatriots and dead orcs. Chonrad wandered across the gore filled landscape for what felt like days. Eventually, the weather turned and Chonrad was forced to take refuge in a cave. At the back of the cave he discovered ancient writings and pictures that he had never seen before. Buried deep within the scratchings and strange runes, Chonrad could only make out one scrawled Orcish word: Tharizdun. A small coin with a hole in it was pressed deep into the rock just below that word. Chonrad had never seen such a coin before and he felt irresistibly drawn to it. He spent the next month living in that cave, doing what he had to do to survive. When he finally left, he pried the coin from the wall and took it with him.

Chonrad became a wanderer, searching for answers to questions he didn’t understand.

Howard "Doc" Chonrad

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